Tuesday 18 June 2024

New Video Posted: Understanding Endosomes: The Cell's Sorting House | Quick Science Explanation

In my video on endosomes - Understanding Endosomes: The Cell's Sorting House | Quick Science Explanation - I look at the role of the endosomal system in cells.

Endosomes are cellular compartments that sort and traffic proteins from the Golgi apparatus and the plasma membrane. They are formed by vesicle fusion and are divided into three types

  • Early endosomes - receive proteins and decide their next destination
  • Recycling endosomes - return proteins to the plasma membrane either immediately (constitutive pathway) or based on signals (regulated pathway).
  • Late endosomes - forward proteins to lysosomes or back to the Golgi.
The endosomal system relies on specific signals on proteins to direct their correct routing, ensuring efficient cellular function.

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