Tuesday 11 June 2024

New video posted: Organelles: Targeting Proteins to the Mitochondria

In this video, Organelles: Targeting Proteins to the Mitochondria, I look at how the cell targets proteins to the mitochondria.

Proteins destined for the mitochondria begin their journey in the cell's cytosol, guided by a signal peptide that acts like a "postcode." This signal, located at the N-terminal of the precursor protein, directs the protein to the mitochondria.

The video looks at the role of the Translocase of the Outer Membrane (TOM) and the Translocase of the Inner Membrane (TIM), along with the OXA complex, during the import process and discusses how proteins are targeted to the outer and inner membranes, the intermembrane space and the matrix of the mitochondria.

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Blog Bonus: Free information sheet summarising the video and defining the key terms - download.

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