Wednesday 12 June 2024

The Biosciences Glossary

When I was a student, one of my go-to books was a glossary of terms for bioscientists. I used the glossary when I was learning new material to look up things I didn’t understand and remind myself of what I had previously learned. I found it an invaluable learning and revision tool.

Sadly, the book is no longer in print, so I decided to write my own and I have just published The Biosciences Glossary on the Google Play Book Store.

The Biosciences Glossary

The book defines over 2,000 words, phrases, terms, and abbreviations used in the biosciences. It also includes 80+ chemical structures with links to additional information and to my videos on YouTube.

If you go to The Biosciences Glossary on the Google Play Book Store, you can review 20% of the book for free and decide if it would help you in your studies.

The book is available as a PDF and an ePub.

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