Monday 25 May 2015

Four really useful exam tips

Recently I asked some colleagues for some revision and exam tips, and this is what we came up with:

1. Do you know where and when the exam is being held?
Sounds obvious, but it is worth checking you know where and when your exam will be held. There is nothing worse than spending weeks (hopefully) revising and then turning up at the wrong time and wrong venue and missing the exam. Also, make sure you set more than one alarm clock if your exam is first thing in the morning, or get a friend or parent to phone you up to make sure you are out of bed and heading to the exam hall. 

2. Try to get plenty of sleep before your exam
Try to get plenty of sleep the night before the exam. Being sleepy during an exam is not good.  Don’t try to boost your alertness with caffeine, and do not pull an ‘all-nighter’ revising the night before the exam. That last-minute ‘cram’ very rarely works. 

3. Think Positive
In an exam, don’t panic, and think positive. If you encounter a question you don’t understand, move on. Don’t sit there dwelling on it; leave it and come back to it later. Be positive. Don’t panic.

4. Don't Dissect!
Do not post-mortem your exam as that will only cause anxiety and distress. Resist the urge to talk to friends about the exam. As soon as the exam has finished, go off for a walk or a treat, and don’t hang around with your classmates that think either they did brilliantly (“that was so easy!”) or who think they have failed (“that paper was impossible”). Resist the urge. 

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