Thursday 3 April 2014

End of a journey - no more blogging at Scitable

For the last three years I have been blogging over at Nature Scitable about bioscience elearning and today, after 143 posts, I have decided to stop.

I have two main reasons for stopping:

  1. The pressure of day-to-day life as an academic. To much to do, too little time to do it.
  2. I have never really got on with the blogging platform at Scitable as I find it old, slow and clunky, and these days I like to blog in Markdown (as I am doing here).

It has been fun posting over at Scitable as it has given me the excuse, and therefore the time, to every so often step back from my day-to-day work and think about teaching and what I could, and should, do differently.

The problem now is I need to find an outlet for these 'teaching thoughts' and so there may be an increase in pedagogical material on this blog from now on...

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