Wednesday 22 December 2010

The other blog.... Blogging at Scitable

Today I started blogging over at Scitable (Nature Education). The new blog can be found here.

So, why two blogs?

Well, the two blogs have two different functions:

This Blog

The function of this blog is to directly serve my teaching.

I will continue to post material here that is connected with the courses I deliver, and it will also continue to host the 'science' tweets (tweets that link to papers and articles of interest) I post.

The Scitable Blog

The Scitable Blog will be used for posts connected to the use of technology in teaching and learning.

In the Scitable Blog I plan to write about how technology can be used to teach the biosciences, and how students can use technology to help with their studies. The Scitable Blog will contain posts that are (hopefully) of use to both lecturers and students.

If you would like to support my blogging efforts, then please feel free to buy me a coffee at

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