Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Finding scientific references given in talks or lectures

I have been asked how you can track down papers online when a lecturer gives a paper reference as, for example:

Clin Med. (2003) 3, 333-7

The easiest way to track this down is to use 'Single Citation Matcher'.

Go to pubmed and the link can be found in the left hand menu. Alternatively, follow this direct link:

On the page enter the required information, so using the above reference, Clin Med. (2003) 3, 333-7, you should end up with:

Single citation manager

Click the 'Go' button and you should be taken to the paper (and any link to the full paper if available).


The abstract for the paper - don't forget there may be a link to the full paper on the far righthand side of the page.

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