Monday, 13 April 2015

Percentage Solution Calculations - an online course...?

I am always looking for new ways to deliver material online and recently I can across Fedora, which seems to offer an interesting solution, so I thought I would give it a try. You can see my efforts at with a Percentage Solution Calculations course I have produced.

Blog Post Bonus: Download a PDF on percentage solution calculations.
What is interesting about Fedora is it follows a School | Course | Lecture model. So to me it feels familiar - that is, the structure is just like my day job!

When you register on Fedora you create a School - in my case I created the Maths4Biosciences School.

Maths4Biosciences Homepage
The School

Once you have a School you can create courses, and I created a Percentage Solutions course.

Percentage Solutions Course Homepage

Welcome page to the Percentage Solutions course

And with your course in place you can then add the lectures.

Blog Post Bonus: Download a percentage solution calculations spreadsheet
The course welcome page also shows the curriculum...

Percentage Solutions Course Curriculum
Course Curriculum

Once you have enrolled you can start the course and it walks you through the lectures...

Percentage Solutions Course
The course...

Each lecture can containing text, images, audio files, videos, quizzes, and discussions.
The weakest part of Fedora are the quizzes. To create a quiz you have to use an external site, and the structure of the quizzes is poor as it is limited to multiple choice (MCQ), and there is no way to provide the user any feedback on their answers. Interestingly the lack of feedback is something a number of online quiz systems fail to do... I may have to look in to that...

Anyway, I was very impressed with Fedora. The site was very user-friendly, and it was surprisingly easy to construct the lectures on the Percentage Solutions course.

I have also taken a number of courses on the site (they are there to help you get familiar with how Fedora works) so I have also experienced things from the students' perspective. I enjoyed the courses and found them useful, and as a student I found the site easy to use.

Blog Post Bonus: Download a PDF on percentage solution calculations.