Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Problems downloading PDFs of papers using Internet Explorer?

A number of students are having problems download scientific papers from the Internet. The symptoms are you click on the link to download the paper and Internet Explorer (IE) crashes. The following is a potential fix for the problem....

I have reported this problem to ISS on at least three occasions and I am still waiting for reply/fix. The problem is odd in that some students can download PDFs of papers with no crash, whereas others cannot. This makes me think it is a 'profile' problem specific to the user's common desktop account.

During the Informatics Lab a number of the class have encountered the problem, and one student came up with a simple, and ingenious, fix! (I should have thought of it!)

The Fix

Instead of clicking the link (and crashing IE) to open the paper do a right-click to pull up a contextual menu (a menu that hovers on the page), and then use the 'Save Target As...' option.

You will then be asked for a location to save the PDF, save it, and then open using Acrobat.