Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Online maths help (a quiz with feedback)

If you are having problems with doing dilutions and concentrations calculations then you might like to do some practice using our online system, which can be found here on the School teaching website. Or enrol at Maths4Biosciences and take an online course.

The system can help with:


Percentage dilutions1

Blog Post Bonus: Download a percentage solution calculations spreadsheet

Molar calculations


Mg ml

Molar Dilutions

Molar dilutions

Percentage Dilutions

Percentage dilutions

mg/ml Dilutions

Mg ml


The site also comes with additional help:



And if you get a question wrong, there is help in the feedback to explain how to do the calculation:

Additional help and feedback

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  1. The modulo operation (abbreviated “mod”, or “%” in many programming languages) is the remainder when dividing. For example, ”5 mod 3 = 2″ which means 2 is the remainder when you divide 5 by 3. help me with math