Saturday, 31 October 2009

Recent changes to PubMed

Some time in the past week the PubMed was updated.

The training site used in the CMB2005 informatics practical (which is running from Monday 26 October, 2009 to Friday 20 November, 2009) has been updated to reflect the PubMed changes. It is just unfortunate that the changes occurred between groups 1 and 2 taking the initial training.

The update to PubMed has not changed the way the training session works, and has not changed the assessment. The new instructions on the CMB2005 informatics training site are sufficient to allow anyone in group 1 to easily complete the assessment. (There have, so far, been no changes made to any of the other systems we use in the training or the assessment - famous last words....) In fact, the only thing that has really changed with PubMed is the look and feel of the site (one exception to this is if you use Safari browser, please see below).

A problem with PubMed and Safari: This problem is beyond my control and there is no fix I can put in place, and this only seems to happen on Safari on the Mac. When you have a list of search results up and you click on a link to read the abstract, if you click on the browser back-button to return to the list of results you will see this:

Safari pubmed back button problem

Clicking on the Safari browser back button when using PubMed now gives a 'form' warning - just click the Send button

all you have to do is click on the Send button.

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