Monday, 24 November 2014

The School of Biomedical Sciences MCQ FAQ

The following is an FAQ (frequently asked questions) for the School MCQ exercise at: (Please note that the question bank is only open to members of the School)

I have lost my MCQ email and don’t know my login details or subject area. What do I do?

You can get your MCQ email resent by going to the MCQ website at

At the bottom of the page you will see the module that is currently accepting new questions. Next to this module name will be a link which you can click on and this will take you to a separate page where you enter your full student number and click the button. This will prompt the system to resend your original MCQ email.

My MCQ subject area is X - what is X?

When the system was set up I asked all module leaders for "subject areas" for the questions. These subject areas are based on the "subject areas" of the lectures on the module.

Does Dr Morris read every MCQ submitted?


Does Dr Morris correct any of the MCQs submitted?


I have made a mistake in my submitted question, can I change it?


At this time it is not possible to change or edit questions once they have been submitted.

How do I know if I have successfully submitted my MCQ?

Upon successfully submitting your MCQ you will receive a "receipt" email.

There are some odd characters in my MCQ email receipt... Why?

Do not worry about any old looking characters that may appear in your receipt email. The receipt is generated direct from the database and the characters have been "redefined" so as to correctly appear on a webpage. Unfortunately this means they do not always appear correctly in an email.

This problem is typically made worse if you write your question in Word and then paste it into the MCQ website.

Do I get feedback on my MCQ?

You will only receive feedback on your MCQ if you have made a mistake such as not providing a reference or not provide correct or sufficient feedback.

If you do not receive feedback on your MCQ then this should be taken as an indication that there are no obvious problems in the format.

Who can see my MCQ?

Only members of the School and the University can see your MCQ. That is, the question bank is only available to students on campus, or students with a valid University login.

What is the function of the reference?

The reference in the Embassy Q is there to tell students who have attempted the question as to where they can find additional information.

The reference should be in the form of a textbook, don't forget to include the page numbers), a scientific paper (don't forget to give the full citation), or a webpage (don't forget to include the date the page was last accessed). The reference MUST NOT be to a lecture.

Why do I have to give feedback on my question?

Your feedback on the question should be designed such that a student answering a question can understand as to why they got it right or they got it wrong.

Does the feedback only appear if I student gets the question wrong?


Feedback is displayed if the student got the question right, or if they got it wrong. We decided to do this to help students who may have made "a lucky guess" and got the question right.

When will the questions be available?

The questions will be available on the website after the deadline for the assessment is passed.

Why didn’t I get any feedback on my MCQ?

The reason you didn't get any feedback on your MC Q "other than a receipt" is because you had correctly formatted the question, that is, you had included the question, a correct answer, three incorrect answers, suitable feedback, and a reference.

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